Kaufman Hall

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church offers a facility for social, educational and religious functions. Kaufman Hall is a community-gathering place for parish and community groups, and for parishioner and non-parishioner private use.

Kaufman Hall has a full kitchen with all modern equipment including ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, and fryers. The Hall is also equipped with restrooms, patio area, large dining area, Knights of Columbus Bar Service, and overflow rooms.

All Kaufman Hall reservations are made through the parish office, 712-527-5211. Funeral lunches may require the use of the facility prior to a scheduled event.

When a request is made for a particular date, space will be reserved on the Kaufman Hall calendar on a first-come, first-served basis.

The rental fees of Kaufman Hall will vary on the amenities required, length of rental, type of event, and parishioner status.

There is no charge for parish groups, however, the use of the hall must be arranged ahead of time with the Parish Secretary, Cathy Evans. Please call: (712-527-5211) for availability and rental costs.

Kaufman Hall - kitchen window to left, exits to the right.

Warmer, stove top - gas, fryers.

Dish wash